The Giants

The photographers that have contributed most to forming my taste are Robert Frank, Luigi Ghirri, Walker Evans, Henry Cartier Bresson, Joel Meyerowitz,  William Eggleston: classics for people around my age. Here I will add the names of a few other artists who, though lesser known, have had a positive influence on me in more recent times. Evidently, photographers who were a discovery for me might be old stuff, or bad stuff, to some of you. It is obviously a matter of personal preferences.

Ara Guler, with the old-time dignity of his black-and-white subjects; Harry Gruyaert, with his saturated colours; Saul Leiter, with his more nuanced palette; Sergio Larrain, with his modern vision of shapes; Nikos Economopoulos, who recasts classical photo-reporting into bold geometrical constuctions; Olive Arthur, clear and careful witness of the world.

How amazing is these peoples's way of seing the world!